At the international level is important to know how to distinguish opportunities and benefit from them. It does not matter how big or small your company is or the target of business of it. Here we show you 7 tips or advice to become successful in the foreign trade.

Flexibility in schedules

When you are going to achieve business at an international level, it is important to bear in mind the time you will spend travelling, the time change, the jet lag…etc. It is for that reason that you have to be flexible when it comes to schedules due to its huge importance. At the international level, we could find ourselves with travels of 12 hours, followed by a meeting of another 2 or 3 hours, which can be exhausting and even inefficient for the course of the operation.

Good elaboration of the travel

A good elaboration of the travel and the operations of the business in foreign trade guarantee a high percentage of success in those mentions before. Put yourself in contact with the potential costumers prior the travel, organize interviews, find the best combinations for the travel and the stay, and of course, do not forget to always bring the necessary documentation.

Formulate and plan the strategies of foreign trade

Once you have established the contact with the potential costumers, it is essential to design a strategy for the negotiation, in a way that you can achieve your goals.

Inform about the customs of the country of destination

A great way to smooth the ground in the area of business in another continent is to know the culture of this country. Even if you learn a little bit of their language you can get a big part of the negotiation. Do not forget the standards to protocol and the different costumes or traditions of this country of destination if you want to cause a good impression.

Keep up with the negotiation

The most common in occident is for negotiations to keep a pretty fast pace, even though in other countries is just the opposite. Inform yourself before the travel is a part of multitasks, so this information will be very useful.

Pay attention to the verbal and nonverbal communication

It is also important to use certain techniques of verbal and nonverbal communication for the negotiation. Some examples of techniques for communication are: react in a moderate way to what is propose, perform proposals with conditions…etc.

Go beyond the simple contact

At an international level, it is crucial to keep communication with the other part in a regular way. If it is possible, even to make certain visits planned. This can be helpful in order to get the results and goals settled, or even to make them better. Besides, the personal relationships that hold the relations of the foreign trade are created and reinforced.