International markets.

Access to international markets is not easy. The statistics prove it, and we want to change it.

Nowadays, the forms of access to the outside world are diverse, so a detailed study must be carried out in each market and the target public. Given these situations, companies often opt for an exploratory entry system with the purpose of submerging themselves in few expenses and assuming the minimum expenses, which grants little chance of success, situation that generates a conflict of interest.

However, the digital world has facilitated the connection in recent years, allowing beneficial and stable relationships over time, and at a very low price. Given this, at TheFoodTeam we are committed to reinvent ourselves every day and offer the best internalization service, with a comprehensive service.

Could you tell which are the most optimal markets according to your product?

Of course that if you have answer to this question you have totally solved the process of expansion and growth for your company. And is that it is not easy task, in TheFoodTeam we are very conscious of it, and the great work that implies to be able to access this information.

Therefore, our purpose is to provide maximum information to our customers, so that they have no problem to establish their products abroad, knowing at all times the target audience for the product and with a segmentation according to the needs of the demand .

All this is possible thanks to our position, with commercial offices in more than 20 countries, and our great asset, leaders in the digital world trade, which gives visibility and arrival to 120 countries.

Many companies have already trusted us. We will wait for you!