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Export to United Kingdom - Uk

Trading in UK?

United Kingdom is the second largest economy in Europe hosting the largest concentration of banking in Europe. International trade accounts for more than 60% of GDP. As regards the food sector, the most exported from Spain are, in the first place, fruits, nuts and canned; followed by legumes and vegetables; and thirdly, drinks. On the other hand, as far as UK exports are, drinks are the first.

At TheFoodTeam we conduct business exchanges satisfactorily, counting only smiling faces at the end of the process. For this, our specialized distribution channels are essential, adapting to the product, the company and our customers.

We have already achieved numerous bilateral agreements for our clients, thanks to our visibility in more than 120 countries and presence of international offices in more than 20 countries.

In addition, we know how easy and open the UK is when it comes to new business, and we take advantage of it in the best way, offering new trends, helping you improve the product if necessary and researching new opportunities for you.

We give quality; we give value to your product.