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Export to Morocco

We eliminate boundaries, we build bridges.

Morocco is an emerging country and in the food and beverage sector, an entire power. In addition, it is one of the main trading partners of Spain, making exports with a level of 20% of the total, and imports of 13% from Spain.

Large agreements such as the Association (AA), free trade (ACL) solidify this relationship in the European framework, and especially with Spain. That is why, at TheFoodTeam, thanks to our experts in the Arab world and our partners throughout North Africa we exploit the best qualities of each country, building a bridge between both continents, facilitating the purchase and sale of products, always with quality and satisfaction .

Our partners are located throughout the territory, with a variety of products so that they can be exported and marketed. In addition, we have also participated in a large volume of imports, in order to improve the quality of life.

In our years of work we have established great commercial relations with our neighbors, all thanks to our commitment to improve the connection and infrastructures, and to the network of contacts deposited all over the country.

Because getting into Africa has never been so easy…