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Expor to Italy

Andiamo in Italy…

Italy is the Mediterranean country with more similarity to Spain, and the commercial level as one of the many aspects, reflects it since our level of exports and imports is the same, around 5% of GDP.

Taking advantage of the existence of this great relationship, TheFoodTeam has built strong relationships over the years, promoting one of the key products in the trade balance: olive oil, which is the most exported product at the food level, and second general level after automobiles.

The key to our success is based on a detailed study, segmenting the market, identifying your target market and offering the best conditions and qualities to our customers.

Consequently, one of our attributes is quality and expertise. We offer the best sensations to our clients, and we establish solid relationships with different markets. To carry out this work we have commercial offices in the north and in the south of Italy, in addition to having our partners.

In Italy, they only talk about quality … Ecco!