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The US is the world’s largest power with a GDP of 16.7 billion, and the world’s largest importer of goods and services, making it a more than interesting and necessary destination for trade relations.

Among the agricultural products exported by the United States, soybeans are the first, followed by fruit and nuts, and third is wheat. While in Spain, the most exported food products to the US are: first, wine and beer, then fruits and vegetables, and third, cheese.

At TheFoodTeam we know this data very closely, as we are participants in them, thanks to our position as international leaders in the food and beverage sector, which gives us a privileged position to initiate new talks and initiate new agreements in the American continent.

We believe and know that the future is an open world, without protectionism, where there will be no problem finding new products. That is why we believe in fair, sustainable and long-lasting exchanges, and within these goals lies the United States.

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