Food & Beverage Export

Every year, the number of companies interested in exporting their products increases, ICEX represents that, and we live in TheFoodTeam very closely, as we advise and give out a large number of companies.

The export grants the opening to new markets, giving your company a greater structure and solidity. At TheFoodTeam, we work around the clock to bring products to the most hidden corners, locating product demand and building fruitful and lasting relationships in order to increase customer satisfaction.

Here are some of the benefits of exporting:

– Aumento de los ingresos.

-Increase of income.

-Access to new markets.

-Business diversification.

-New opportunities.

-Alliances with foreign partners.

-Comparative advantages.

– Prolonging the life cycle of a product.

-Improvement of the brand and image of the company.

-Generation of economies of scale.

-Learning new methods.

Ready to export? We will wait for you…

In order to enjoy these benefits, TheFoodTeam has a wide network of offices around the world that allow us to reach more than 140 countries. In addition, we have the best infrastructures and a unique knowledge of the digital market, which directly reverts to continuous savings.

All this work is thanks to our experts, who are specialized by sectors and markets offering an individualized and integral service.

“Everything seems impossible until it’s done.”

Nelson Mandela.

And in TheFoodTeam we do not conceive impossible…